Surf For Referrals With Traffic-Fusion

Surf For Referrals With Traffic-Fusion

With Traffic-Fusion You can Surf For A Downline, Not Just For Credits

Traffic Fusion is a modern traffic exchange that rewards members for surfing. Traffic Fusion also provides referrals for members. Members can earn referrals surfing on the traffic exchange. Members who upgrade can be rewarded referrals for surfing on Traffic Fusion. Membership in this traffic exchange is free.

Traffic Fusion also helps you to promote your Traffic Fusion Splash Pages with a Traffic Fusion Splash Page Rotator. This Traffic Fusion banner and link link to the Traffic Fusion Splash Page Rotator. If you click the banner or link you could see some of the Traffic-Fusion splash pages.

If you join Traffic-Fusion you could surf for credits and referrals and you could see the Splash Pages in your dashboard.

Surf For A Downline
Not Just For Credits
The Traffic-Fusion Traffic Exchange Website

Traffic Fusion members can earn rewards surfing. After you have surfed 50 or 100 pages on Traffic Fusion click the Surfer Rewards button. Then you can decide on the reward you want to claim. There is also a Daily Reward members can claim. The Daily Reward prize increases each consecutive day when you surf more than 50 pages and claim the reward. If you miss a day, the reward is set back to the base reward.

Traffic Fusion members can chat while surfing.

Traffic-Fusion Upgrade
The Traffic-Fusion Upgrade is $12.97 when it is paid for monthly. The yearly payment is $103.76. You get 12 months of the Traffic-Fusion upgraded membership for the price of 10 months.
Upgraded Membership
$12.97/Month $103.76/Year

You can Purchase using SolidTrust Pay
– 3 second Surf Timer
– 1:1 Surf Ratio
– $12.97 / month

3 second Surf Timer
– 1:1 Surf Ratio
– $12.97 / month
– 6 Second Timer
– 1000 Credits/Monthly
– 30% Commissions (15% OTO)
*Get 12 Months for the Price of 10
with the Yearly Upgrade!

You earn rewards surfing on Traffic-Fusion. You can earn more credits with a game on Traffic-Fusion.

You can purchase squares in the game for 25 credits each. When all squares have been purchased, 3 winners will be selected by random draw.

1st prize = 250 credits
2nd prize = 100 credits
3rd prize = 50 credits

This is what a Traffic-Fusion Affiliate Link looks like:


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